Sunday, May 10, 2015

Looking In the Rear View Mirror

I'm moving on to greener pastures my friends. Image from Falsompastor.
As all of you may have noticed. This year is coming to a close, and fast. Not only am I required by my grade to write this post, but I feel like it's good way to close up this blog. I could make promises to keep writing, and to stay updated, but I feel like after this post, the magic will be lost. And let's all be honest, my readers and page views will go with it soon after. While I am definitely go to miss it, all things must end. Good things don't last forever, and they shouldn't, for that matter. The fact that they end is what makes them special and precious. I'm sure you will all forgive for getting all mushy right there, as it is the last time it will happen.

Looking back on my earlier post it's like I can feel myself holding back a little. I was afraid to share the personal little pieces of me that I give to you in my writing. Of course I was excited to write about things I thought could help people, but I was scared of making a fool of myself. In contrast, I am now a proud "goof up". This is because of you guys, my readers. I saw and heard my friends' interest in my posts and topics,  I realized I had slowly started accomplishing what I first set out to do. To have something so personal be the cause of someone else's joy created more fuzzy feelings than I can describe. And slowly over this year, I felt like I have opened up to you.

I keep talking about how personal this blog was to me, but how can that be? I am literally posting on the world wide web. Emphasis on world wide. Despite all that, my writing style is unique to me, and although I had not explored it very much at the beginning of this blog adventure, I was sure nobody was going to like it. Slowly as I gained more confidence, so did my writing. If you look back, you can start to see me bursting out of my bubble, and using more pop culture references, along with the always important figurative language.

I know I couldn't have done this without the inspiration provided from some other bloggers. Specifically Alexa, and my brother Charlie. I love all the blogs I read, but I always felt more creative, and determined after reading each and everyone of their posts. Speaking of creativity, I might have let mine run a little too free when it came to keeping to the theme of this blog. Originally, the majority of the posts I wanted to make were going to be about school, and balancing the different aspects of life as a teenager. Well, I did some of that, but I also spent a lot more time than I originally planned on the things I do to relax. In a way, I still accomplished my original goal. Through this blog I was able to relieve a lot of stress, and anxiety. So in the end, this blog helped at least one person balance their life.

For the last time, I wanted to say thank you, and good bye.
I've kept it PG all year, but just his once I thought it was okay. Image from QuotesBlog.

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